Handmade Whiskey Glasses UK


Since day one in business, A Little Dram wants to offer the best selection of products dedicated to every enthusiast of ''water of life''.

You can't sip your favourite single malt without glassware, right? That's why we start with a whisky glass.

Our tasting glasses are beautifully handmade. Carefully crafted in small batches.

Just like whisky single cask, we like to say.



Classic or with a twist.

Actually, speaking of the twist.

We love chocolate, who does not?!

Almost since we can remember we have been pairing whisky with chocolate.

Once we have discovered single-origin chocolate buttons designed for certain types of whisky we already knew that this is something exeptional.

Something that we want to offer to you.

We are really proud that we can bring them to you and help you truly enjoy your spirits

and make the drinking experience even more remarkable.