Handmade Blown Glass Glasses UK

Amber Glass is a Polish manufacturer and distributor of high-quality drinking glassware especially mouth-blown whisky glasses for the finest single malts and other spirits.
The products are designed and made by outstanding craftsmen in Polish glass factories. Thanks to the local character of the business, Amber Glass is able to supervise all production stages which translates into precision and top quality.

Whisky And Dark Chocolate

Chocisky is a rich, vibrant and authentic range of traditional chocolate made by whole bean roasting methods lifting the complex volatiles and aromatic flavours from a disparate range of cocoa beans and specially chosen to pair with quality whisky.

All the chocolates are sourced from sustainable cocoa farming. As natural a chocolate as you can buy made to original recipes over 100 years old. Scotland’s best kept secret the art of chocolate / whisky pairing.