! Dear Friends, we know that is one of the most sought after shape of whisky tasting glass, we are working hard to make it available at the end of April in the worst scenario !


A tulip-shaped handcrafted glass. Recommended for heavily peated single malt whisky. The tapered mouth nicely concentrates aromas ensuring maximum tasting and nosing satisfaction. Its delicate shape comes from a meticulous glass blowing process. The high, slender stem emphasizes the shape of the bowl.


Supplied with a handcrafted matching “outside” lid which prevents evaporation and preserves the aroma.


The glass comes in a luxury satin box which makes it a perfect gift idea. Perfect whisky tasting glass set for all “water of life” aficionados.

Amber Glass Model G100

    • With the addition of barium oxide, glasses are more transparent, more resistant to scratches and damage and do not become dull after repeated use,
    • Due to the nature of handcrafted glass - each of the offered glasses is unique. There is no the same second glass or the cover. Each of them differs in small
      details (tolerance +/- up to 3%), which only emphasizes their uniqueness,
    • Type of the lid called "outside" contained in the kit, restricts air access to your whisky and closes all aromatic notes inside the glass,
    • The glass is "all in one" type. It means that in addition to whisky you could also taste rum, cognac, armagnac, gins, grappa, vodka, liqueurs, etc.